About Disc Golf

Disc golf is a sport which is rapidly growing in popularity around the world today. Originating in the United States in the 1970’s, disc golf is played in countries all around the world, with more and more courses being installed each year. 

The game combines the technical skill of golf, with fun of throwing a disc. Players attempt to move a disc from a tee box into a basket in as few throws as possible.  The game is one that is easy for new players to start to play but challenging enough that you can spend years developing your game.

Disc Golf, unlike traditional ball golf is very affordable to play.  A player can purchase all the equipment that he or she would need to play a round for between $30-50, and the majority of courses are in parks, which are free to play.  Like golf players have various clubs for different shots, disc golfers carry a selection of discs for different shots.  A basic set contains 3-4 discs, but more advanced players may carry 25 discs or more with them on a round, for different ranges and shot shapes.

Disc golf is a great sport for those who want a fun outdoor activity to stay active, and for those who are looking for a sport which can be played by the whole family. If you think that disc golf might be right for you, please contact us, and we can arrange to meet you at a local course to introduce you to the game.

The Origins of Disc Golf

The game originated from Ultimate frisbee players in the 1970’s and has evolved since then.  Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports in North America, and it has become the National sport of Finland.

The discs that golfers use have evolved from ultimate frisbees into specialized discs which are designed to fly faster and farther than discs which are meant to be caught.  Like golf clubs, different discs are used for different types of shots.  Some discs are meant for meant for distance, and others for accuracy.  Some discs are designed to fly straight, and still other to follow a curved flight path.  While there are a lot of options, a new player can get started with just a few discs.  Take a look at the gear we have below.

Stratford Disc Golf Club

The Stratford Disc Golf Club was founded in 2014, and exists to promote the growth of the game of disc golf in our region and to provide a fun competition for those who love to play the game.

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